Platform and Poster Presentations

The COGR has published 14 abstracts to date at the following conferences and genetic meetings:Platform Presentations: Breast Cancer Symposium 2017 GA4GH 2016 HVP 2016 Breast Cancer Symposium 2016 NSGC 2015 ICCG 2014Poster Presentations: ACMG 2017 ACMG 2016 ACMG 2015 CCMG 2015 NGS Symposium 2014 NSGC 2014 CCMG 2014 ACMG 2014

COGR – BRCA Manuscript July 2017

Data sharing as a national quality improvement program: reporting on BRCA1 and BRCA2 variant-interpretation comparisons through the Canadian Open Genetics Repository (COGR)

The Canadian Open Genetics Repository Working Group

Ron Agatep; Peter Ainsworth; Mohammad R Akbari; Melyssa Aronson; Gary Bader; Raveen Basran; Andre Blavier; Andrea Blumenthal; Ian Bosdet; Kym Boycott; Michael Brudno; Kathleen Buckley; Jodi Campbell; Philippe M Campeau; Melanie Care; Nancy Carson; Ronald Carter; George Charames; David Chitayat; George Chong; Edmond Chouinard; Kathy Chun; Kenneth J Craddock; Rod Docking; Andrea Eisen; Zaki El